Agriculture Sector In Sagaing Region: Distribution Of Fertilizer With Reasonable Price

28 September 2022
2022-09-28 15:00

Sagaing Region is one of the areas in the country which focuses on agriculture, and the government arranges to distribute Urea fertilizers with reasonable price to the farmers.

Sagaing Region Agriculture Department is being sold the Urea fertilizer bags to farmers with reasonable price starting from November 2021.

The fertilizers were sold to the farmers in 30 townships of 12 districts in the region.

Aung Kyi Win, Deputy Staff Officer, Sagaing Region Agriculture Department said “The crops need nutrition such as the main input, fertilizer. The price of fertilizers is high around the world this year. So, under the arrangement of the government, the department distributed 2,336 tons of Urea fertilizer from the State-run No 4 Fertilizer Factory (Myaungtaga)for six times starting from November last year to August this year.”

The price of Urea fertilizer for a bag is around 120,000 to 130,000 kyats in the markets, and the department sold with the price of over 30,000 kyats for a bag.  

The department will continue the sales of fertilizer with 1,236 tons per month from September this year to February 2023.

The distributing of fertilizer is taken place depending on the cultivation time of seasonal crops.

Aung Kyi Win, Deputy Staff Officer, Sagaing Region Agriculture Department said “Urea fertilizer is the product of Myanmar and it contains 45 percent of Nitrogen. The techniques how to efficiently use the fertilizers for farmers is 1:3 of Urea fertilizer and soil.”

The Agriculture Department is also conducting the training course for the farmers to use fertilizer efficiently, it’s learnt.

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