Agriculture Sector: Targeted cultivated acres of winter crops completed

3 December 2022
2022-12-03 15:52

In Laukkai District of Shan State (North), the educative programs are being emphasized to have general knowledge about the agriculture sector for the local residents.

A total of 673 acres of soybeans, corn and vegetables have been cultivated as winter crops, and it already exceeded the target area of 670 acres.

Head Officer, Laukkai District Department of Agriculture, Thein Win Naing said "Vegetables, which are the daily needs of the local residents, are continuously cultivated throughout the year. We have planted more winter crops, exceeding the targeted acreage."

In winter crop cultivation season, educational activities are being carried out to ensure seeding equipment properly. Educational processes such as usage of natural fertilizers and pesticides in own method, making composts with the by-products;identifying good species suitable for the region are being conducted for the residents.

And also, the Department of Agriculture is paying special attention for the development of the region and can contact at any time if needed help. Efforts are being made to improve the yields, to be able to use pedigree species, natural fertilizers and pesticides for the farmers in Kokang region.

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