Amnesty Granted: MNHRC issues Statement No. 2/ 2024

18 April 2024
2024-04-18 15:43

The Myanmar National Human Rights Commission issued a statement on Wednesday.
It stated that in commemoration of the Myanmar New Year which falls on 17th April 2024 and on humanitarian and compassionate grounds, the Chairman of the State Administration Council has reduced the prison terms of the prisoners serving prison terms at their respective prisons, jails, and detention camps, except the specific cases, and granted amnesty to 3,303 prisoners under the Code of Criminal Procedure Article 401 (1),through the State Administration Council Orders.In addition, on bilateral relations and humanitarian grounds, the State Administration Council Chairman has remitted the sentences of 36 foreign prisoners from the respective prisons, and detention camps.
It is a positive action in terms of human rights to release the prisoners who are serving sentences in various prisons and detention camps. The Commission believes that those who are pardoned will have the opportunity to be reunited with their family members and will be able to participate in building a Union based on democracy and federalism while respecting the goodwill of the state.
The reduction of sentences and the release of foreign prisoners is perceived as means to foster friendship and enhance relations between countries.The Myanmar National Human Rights Commission is pleased and rejoices together with the family members of those who have been granted pardons.

-- End --