Aquatic Business: Soft Shell Crab Export Is On The Decrease In Covid Period

16 June 2020
2020-06-16 10:41

Kyauk Tan Township of Yangon Region South District relies widely on agriculture and livestock sectors for its business. Among the livestock, soft shell crab farming is currently facing some difficulties during Covid-19 period.

Soft shell crab farming is a kind of business that supports to export market and is seeking the State’s foreign income. In Covid-19 period, the market condition of soft shell crab is instabilities, according to one of the soft shell crab farming camps in Kyauktan township.

Manager, Sun Flower Co., Ltd, Win Myo Linn said “During Covid 19 period, there have some weaknesses in market demand because this business depends on the international market. But we do not reduce the production sector and we have to put the raws in the cold-storage room. If the Covid period is long, the farming business will face much difficulties in long-term.”

This breeding camp is operating with over 100 workers and exporting with the rate of 15-tons monthly by the need of international market demand. 

But for now, the farming sector of soft shell crab is getting increase although there is on the decrease of trading sector.

Manager, Sun Flower Co., Ltd, Win Myo Linn said “In the previous time, the raws are rare because of good market demand. But now, the soft shell crab production is getting increase naturally although decreasing in trading sector. We can now produce more than the past.”

Although the export of soft shell crab business has been suspended since March, it is learnt that some exports are resuming back starting from early June.

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