Armed Men Robbed: Seven Armed Men Robbed Gold And Cash From Villagers

8 October 2019
2019-10-08 16:27

Seven armed men robbed gold and cash from five houses in two villages of Yathedaung Township and shot dead two cows on the morning of 6 October.

The seven armed men speaking Rakhine language and in civilian clothing fired shots into the air and entered Yathedaung Township Sinkondaing village. They robbed 12.247 gm of gold from Abdu Khoran, 800,000 Kyats from Abdu Zabor and a tical of gold and 300,000 Kyats from Ma Sajida.

Similarly in Luntaung village, they robbed a tical of gold and 500,000 Kyats from Mabia Khatu and 4 ticals of gold from Majida after breaking into the houses. A total of 6 ticals of gold and K 1.e millin Kyats were robbed.

In addition to this two cows owned by Ma Sachida of Sinkondaing () village were shot and killed by the armed men. A case has been opened at Zedipyin Police Station, according to the news from Myanmar Police Force.


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