ASEAN / China: FMs Meeting Marking 30th Anniversary of Dialogue Relations

8 June 2021
2021-06-08 09:52

Union Minister for Foreign Affairs U Wunna Maung Lwin participated in the Special ASEAN-China Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in celebration of the 30th anniversary of dialogue relations on Monday in Chongqing of China. Following the Opening Remarks by China and the Philippines, Foreign Ministers reviewed the ASEAN-China dialogue relations in conjunction with the 30th anniversary of the partnership and later exchanged views on regional and international issues.

At the Meeting, Union Minister U Wunna Maung Lwin highlighted that the strategic partnership between ASEAN and China had been truly significant and that Myanmar was confident that the partnership between ASEAN and China would continue to grow in the future for the peoples of ASEAN and China.

He also said that Myanmar was happy with the success of the implementation of the Plan of Action to Implement the Joint Declaration on ASEAN-China Strategic Partnership for Peace and Prosperity (2016-2020) and that ASEAN and China should continue to deepen partnership, based on the past achievements while implementing the new Plan of Action to Implement the Joint Declaration on ASEAN-China Strategic Partner-ship for Peace and Prosperity (2021-2025).

He also appraised China for becoming the largest trading partner of ASEAN and encouraged China to continue to enhance trade and investment to ensure inclusive growth and welcomed China’s ratification of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) and encouraged others to do so to jointly promote the early entry into force of the RCEP as it was ratified by Myanmar in May 2021.

On the Developments in Myanmar, the Minister apprised the Meeting that the only way to ensure the democratic system that is disciplined and genuine was through the five-point future programme that was declared in February. He also pointed out that most of the points, such as the formation of the new Union Election Commission to scrutinize the election fraud, COVID-19 prevention measures, and economic recovery efforts have been carried out with a view to preventing delays in the implementation of the future programme.

He also informed the Meeting of the recent visit to Myanmar by Minister of Foreign Affairs II of Brunei Darussalam and Secretary-General of ASEAN, where discussions were made cordially on developments in Myanmar, including on the five-point consensus of the ASEAN, Leaders’ Meeting, matters pertaining to the provision of humanitarian assistance in Myanmar.

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