ASEAN SCI Meeting: Director General Joins Through Videoconferencing

28 May 2021
2021-05-28 10:20

Myanmar delegation led by Director-General of Myanmar Radio and Television (MRTV) U Ye Naing attended the 22nd ASEAN Sub-Committee Meeting on Information, 22nd SCI Meeting hosted by Thailand through videoconferencing on Thursday.

The meeting focused on establishing an ASEAN Cultural Fund budget for future activities in the ASEAN information sector and coordination for financial procedures related to information sector projects. The countries that want to implement the new project also explained the proposed projects.

The discussion also focused on the selection of the country to host the next SCI meeting. The ASEAN SCI meeting aims to strengthen mutual understanding and mutual respect among member countries through ASEAN regional media and implement the ASEAN projects with the rotating ASEAN Chairmanship.

At the meeting, the project proposal was discussed to include Myanmar in charge of hosting the 10th ASEAN Quiz (National Level) and the 10th ASEAN Quiz (Regional Level) in 2022.

Viet Nam will chair the 23rd ASEAN Sub-Committee Meeting on Information in 2022.

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