Australia to send aid ship to Tonga after eruption

20 January 2022
2022-01-20 08:55

Australian Defence Minister Peter Dutton said a navy ship loaded with aid and supplies will soon depart Brisbane on its way to Tonga to help with the relief effort after the huge volcanic eruption. Australia will provide whatever support is required by their Pacific neighbor.

The Tongan government said Tuesday it has confirmed three deaths, two local residents and a British woman.  New Zealand's military is also sending fresh water and other much-needed supplies.

Tonga's government said all the homes on Mango island — where about 36 people live — were destroyed and only two houses remained standing on Fonoifua island, home to about 69 people.

The government described the event as an "unprecedented disaster" and said tsunami waves had risen as high as 15 meters in places.

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