Auto Enterprises Increase Investment in Shanghai Market

9 June 2022
2022-06-09 15:14

Since the resumption of work and production in Shanghai, the sales of automobiles are on the rise, among which the sales of new-energy vehicles have increased significantly.

At the new-energy vehicle sales outlets in Minhang District, there are many customs to pick up cars on weekdays.The price of mid-to-high-end new-energy vehicles is generally above 40,000 USD that domestic new-energy vehicle brands are targeting the high-end luxury car market. Recently, a large number of leading car companies, especially new-energy vehicle brands, have expanded their investment in Shanghai. Tesla's Shanghai plant has achieved 100 percent capacity utilization. Companies such as HiPhi and NIO are also full of confidence in the Shanghai market and have expanded either staff or stores one after another.

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