Back To School: Basic Education High School Classes To Be Opened On 21st July

10 June 2020
2020-06-10 15:36

The basic education schools will be opened starting from the high school classes across the nation on 21st July.

Preparations are being made to open the basic education schools in Pyapon township for 2020-2021 academic year during COVID-19 period. It is planned to open 36 basic education high schools (Brach) in Pyapon for the first phase, the township education officer said. 

Township Education Officer, Toe Win said “There are 36 basic education high schools (branch) and 286 basic education schools in Pyapon. The numbers of students were over 61, 000 in last year. This year, we have also arranged preparations as that numbers in opening the schools. For the 1st phase, we will open the high school classes in line with the instructions of COVID-19 by calculating the numbers of teachers and students.”

The township education officer added that they will arrange social distancing and COVID-19 awareness for the students. 

Township Education Officer, Toe Win said “We will arrange social distancing for the students to have 6-ft distance from each other. The Department will also distribute masks, face shields, hand wash basins and Infrared thermometers for safety of the students. We will also conduct COVID-19 awareness on systematic washing hands, wearing masks and social distancing to the students.”

The basic education schools in Pyapon Township will be opened phase by phase and the timetables of the classes will be arranged depending on the numbers of the students. The Education Department will distribute masks, face shields, soaps and hand wash basins for the safety of the students.

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