Bolivia's opposition calls for 'peaceful demos' for second round vote

25 October 2019
2019-10-25 16:31

Bolivian's main opposition presidential candidate, Carlos Mesa, on Wednesday called on his supporters to permanently maintain 'peaceful' protests until a second electoral round is ratified. Mesa told a news conference that in the next few hours he will present evidence the government of President Evo Morales - a candidate for a third consecutive re-election - committed fraud in the elections.

Morales has a decisive 10-point lead over Mesa, which has brought protests and riots in cities across Bolivia. At a news conference, Morales said Organization of American States observers had slandered him by raising what it called serious doubts about the election. The local OAS team has recommended that Bolivia convene a second-round vote after an unexpected interruption to the count and a sudden shift in Morales' favor triggered allegations of vote-rigging by the opposition.

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