Censorship Meeting: Discussion On Censorship For Local/Foreign Films, Series

28 September 2022
2022-09-28 10:04

Deputy Minister for Information U Ye Tint presided over a coordination meeting on video censorship.

During the meeting with broadcasting companies and content providers in Yangon, the Deputy Minister urged them to seek video censorship approvals for their local and foreign films dramas and film series as there are some inappropriate scenes and words in the series when broadcasting local and foreign series with Myanmar subtitles and voice-dubbing in the Myanmar Language.

Therefore, it needs censorship approval. Relevant companies' heads and broadcasting officials should coordinate with the movie and video censorship board.

Attendees coordinated the discussion and the deputy minister instructed the necessary things to monitor the words and scenes that affect political, religious, cultural entities and national unity as well as to avert obscenities.

-- End --