Child Labor Eradication: Bago Region education subcommittee held meeting

20 November 2023
2023-11-20 17:05

A work coordination meeting of the Bago region child labor eradication and vocational education subcommittee was held at the region education office on 20th of November.

First, Chairman of subcommittee, minister for natural resources U Tin Thein stressed that this subcommittee is one of the eight sub committees under the working committee with the intention to hold coordination meeting once every 3 months, but this is the first time holding after restructuring the formation.

Region education officer is taking responsibility for monthly report while most of the duties of the subcommittee are being related to education, but the committee members are also required to make a report of the relevant departments submitting their work undertakings to the subcommittee. And he added that the committee members are called to participate in the discussion presenting their work implementation.

Afterwards, the secretary of the subcommittee, region education officer presented details about work implementations of the subcommittee and the committee members discussed the facts that related the specific responsibilities. 

Then, chairman of the subcommittee coordinated upon the discussion and gave concluding remark.

-- End --