China-Cambodia film tour lights up Cambodia

19 November 2023
2023-11-19 16:41

The launch ceremony of the China-Cambodia film tour was held in Cambodia. Jointly hosted by China Media Group (CMG) and Cambodia's Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, the screening tour aims to promote cultural exchange and collaboration between China and Cambodia, offering the Cambodian people the chance to enjoy exceptional outstanding Chinese film productions.

"The China-Cambodia film tour has not only enriched the cultural life of the local people in Cambodia but has also served as a platform to present the history, culture, and contemporary development of both China and Cambodia to grassroots audiences," said Vice President of CMG.

Since 2016, the film tour has screened more than 100 films in all 25 cities and provinces in Cambodia. After the launch ceremony, nearly 150 guests and audiences joined to watch the Cambodian-dubbed version of "Crossing the Yalu River", which was produced by the CMG.

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