China-Myanmar Friendship: Outstanding awards presented to 55 Myanmar students

26 September 2022
2022-09-26 20:20

As a part of China-Myanmar relations, China Embassy presented the China-Myanmar Friendship Outstanding Award to 55 Myanmar students from the National Universities of Arts and Culture as well as the State High Schools of Arts in Yangon and Mandalay. The outstanding award offering ceremony was held at National University of Arts and Culture (NUAC) Yangon on Monday.

In the ceremony, Union Minister for Religious Affairs and Culture U Ko Ko gave an opening speech and Chinese Ambassador to Myanmar Mr. Chen Hai explained about the aiming of the program. 

Dr. Thi Thi Htwe, Rector, NUAC (Yangon) said “This kind of outstanding award is not regular program. But, there have been some scholarship programs occasionally offered by the NUAC and the State High School of Arts. For outstanding award, the relevant professors and teachers check details of students’ facts and carefully select them. Myanmar has long-term relations with China and also we have a lot of culture exchange programs. We have conducted many programs jointly with China and there are also still many programs to be carried out. For this program, Myanmar government selects the final selection of students and the Chinese Government present awards.”

China Embassy selected a total of 55 outstanding Myanmar students in arts. There are 25 students from NUAC (Yangon), 15 students from NUAC (Mandalay), 10 students from the State High School of Arts (Yangon) and 5 students from the State High School of Arts in Mandalay.

Lay PyayOo, Outstanding Award Winner, State High School of Arts (Yangon) said “I am majoring the harp in the State high School of Arts (Yangon). I received the outstanding award in this program. I have tried a lot to get this award. 500,000 kyats are presented for each outstanding student. I’d like to express thanks to the Governments of the two countries.”

Su Shin, Outstanding Award Winner, NUAC said “I’m 3rd year student and studying in painting major. For the award, I tried the best in painting.  I’m very satisfied to receive this award. This award is very supportive me to purchase the materials used in painting.”

In the ceremony, Union Minister for Religious Affairs and Culture U KoKo, the Chinese Ambassador to Myanmar and the Cultural Counsellor presented awards to outstanding students. 

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