China's Deep Sea No.1 Gas Field Conducts Remote Operations as World’s First

11 April 2023
2023-04-11 16:30

China's Deep Sea No.1 ultra-deepwater gas field near Hainan Province conducted a trial of remote-control operations on Monday, enabling the field to continue safe and stable production during typhoons, its operator China National Offshore Oil Corp said.

The field has become the world's first 100,000-ton deepwater semi-submersible production and storage platform that can work in extreme weather and at a maximum depth of 1,500 meters.After achieving stable production, the biggest challenge facing the gas field is the frequent typhoons in summer and autumn, which will lead to the evacuation of personnel and the closure of the gas field in severe cases.

After the transformation is completed on Monday, you can switch to "typhoon mode" with one button, and remotely control production operations, so that Deep Sea No.1 will not be disconnected in bad weather and maintain normal production during typhoons.

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