China's First Deep-sea Floating Wind Power Platform

19 May 2024
2024-05-19 16:42

A 2,000-ton offshore self-propelled wind turbine installation platform made its first public appearance in Nantong, China on Saturday. The platform is capable of transporting turbines to distant sea before installation. The deck of the platform is as extensive as about 18 basketball courts.

The towers enable the platform to work above a sea area with a depth up to 70 meters and withstand level-16 gales. Blades of the turbines that work above Deep Ocean can reach over 130 meters and the length requires a lifting height of 200 meters and above. The main hook of the platform’s largest crane is capable of lifting a maximum payload equivalent to the combined weight of 1,000 cars to a height equivalent to the height of a 55-storey building.

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