Chinese climber becomes 1st blind Asian to scale Everest

1 June 2021
2021-06-01 11:41

A Chinese climber who became the first blind Asian to scale Mount Everest said he aims to climb the highest peaks on all seven continents and then travel to the North and South Poles. Zhang Hong, 44, is only the third blind climber from anywhere in the world to reach the highest peak on the planet. He trained for five years before climbing Everest, carrying bags packed with 30 kilograms of weight up the staircase of the hospital where he works.

He also climbed several smaller peaks in China.  On the Everest climb, it was difficult navigating the slippery trails and moving around blocks of ice because with high winds on the mountain.  He said on Monday that he was inspired by a blind American climber, Eric Weihenmayer who scaled Everest in 2001. A climber from Austria was the second blind person to reach the peak.

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