Clean Latha: Clean-Up Processes Conducted In Latha Township

16 June 2020
2020-06-16 16:09

As part of Clean Latha program, clean-up processes are being conducted in Latha Township of Yangon Region West District to make the township clean and develop.

The cleaning of garbage, trees and branches in the wards of Latha Township was conducted by members of Township Development Committee Office. Led by the Chairman of Township Development Committee, members and officials supervised, inspected and conducted clean-up processes.

Member-1, Township Development Committee (Latha), Thaung Toe said “In 9/2020 meeting held on the 1st June 2020, we made the decision to be Clean Latha. By following this decision, we pick up all unsuitable garbage including brickbats and rock bats in Latha Township.”

Not only garbage thrown by people but also placed by township relevant groups was collected by Township Development Committee members.

Member-1, Township Development Committee (Latha), Thaung Toe said “The garbage and materials placed by the relevant departments were picked up by two persons per department. We see a lot of garbage. We are trying to take actions to those and departments that do not throw garbage systematically.”

Clean-up processes are going to conduct in Latha Township by wards and actions will be taken in line with rules and regulations if there are lack of discipline in throwing garbage.

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