Convenient Traveling: Yangon-Magwe Flight Resumed Operation

4 July 2019
2019-07-04 14:40

Yangon-Magwe flight resumed its operation starting the last week of June.

The flight operation has been stopped due to lack of passengers since 2008, and it's now running twice a week on Tuesday and Saturday.

But the number of passengers on board is only about 50 per cent of seat facility at present, the Agent of Magwe Flight Route said.

Agent, Magwe Flight, San Htwe said “Number of passengers is just over 50 per cent during two days operation. We expect to reach about 30 passengers. Now, we have 11 passengers in the beginning, and we hope to get more passengers in the next flights. We also have increased flight bookings. So, we expect to meet the targeted number of passengers.”

One of the passengers expressed that running such flight route is really convenience for those who always travel.

Passenger, Hnin Yu San said “It makes passengers enjoy convenient transportation and save our time than usual. Riding the bus takes nearly one day from Yangon to Magwe. And I hope this flight to run the whole week for more continence of the passengers.”

The operation has been resumed at the request of local authorities for regional development. It also aims for providing better transportation to the locals.

In-charge, Magwe Airport, Min Aung said “It was really changed like a city. The airport has no flights appearing unlike city. But now, it becomes alive with numbers of passengers commuting to and fro.”

It is learnt that Magwe Airport’s runway is going to be expanded for safety of the commuters.

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