Coordination Meeting: e-Government Work Committee Holds Its First Meeting

16 September 2021
2021-09-16 10:32

The working committee for the implementation of e-Government held its first coordination meeting (1/2021) at the Ministry of Transport and Communications Wednesday afternoon.

The meeting was attended by members of the working committee and officials from the relevant ministries, organizations and region/state governments.

At the meeting, Union Minister for Transport and Communications Admiral Tin Aung San in his capacity as the Chairman of the Working Committee addressed the meeting. He said efforts must be made to provide better services to the people as the e-Government is a never-ending process.

He said necessary online services must be continuously provided to the people, adding the governmental departments need to be prepared as more and more people are using the internet in the new normal way of life due to COVID-19. He called for the speedy enactment of cyber security law and policies and the need to further develop a new Myanmar e-Governance Master Plan.

In addition, Myanmar was benefited greatly from the rapid growth of mobile phone and internet access due to the reform of the telecommunications sector, as well as numbers of cybercrimes, online threats to the public, human trafficking and illegal drug trafficking, terrorism that threatens national security, are increased.

He stressed the need to take precautionary measures under the law and to pay special attention to the development of human resources, as skilled workers will be needed to carry out these activities in a systematic manner. The officials discussed the reorganizations of 8 e-Government Subcommittees, the drafting status of the Myanmar e-Governance Master Plan (2021-2030), and the development of the Cyber security Policy and the Cyber security Law (draft).

Afterwards, members of the working committee and those present gave suggestions and the Union Minister added requirements and addressed the meeting.

-- End --