Cultural Exchange: K-pop extravaganza lights up Myanmar

18 April 2024
2024-04-18 15:37

Korean K-pop artists visited Uppata Sandhi Pagoda in Nay Pyi Taw on Wednesday, and also enjoyed the feeding the royal white elephants there.
The Korean delegation later proceeded to the Buddha Park in Nay Pyi Taw Deckhinathiri Township where the world tallest marble structure, Maravijaya Buddha Image located. They were explained about the construction process of this marvelous Buddha Image through video presentation.
The Korean artists later paid respect to the Maravijaya Buddha Image and took a tour of the religious edifices in the Buddha Park.
In the evening, the Korean K-pop artists took part in the MRTV Live production at the Myanma Radio and Television in Yangon. The Myanma Radio and Television (MRTV) orchestrated a dazzling K-pop Live Show, captivating audiences with performances by K-pop artists such as Highless and DIOS Boy Group.
Families of MRTV staff and the audience reveled in the spectacle. This event marked a significant cultural exchange as Korean K-pop artists graced Myanmar with their presence, participating in the traditional Thingyan New Year Festival in Nay Pyi Taw.
In addition to these festivities, the first batch of K-pop artists also participated in the MRTV Friday Night Live Show on the 12th. As their visit drew to a close, the second batch of K-pop artists bid farewell by joining the Live Show, spreading joy and entertainment across the nation through MRTV channel.

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