#CyberReadyMyanmar: The First National Cybersecurity Month kicked off

4 October 2019
2019-10-04 16:52

Myanmar kicked off the first National Cybersecurity Month (MCM) on Friday and marked the awareness campaign with the theme “#CyberReadyMyanmar”.

The campaign is going to be organized by Cyber Security Department of MOTC, Myanmar Computer Federation (MCF), Myanmar Information Secuirty Association (MiSA) and US ICT Council for Myanmar. The educating campaign aims to raise public awareness about how to be safe online and how to protect their data and devices. And it will provide guidelines to organizations such as government entities, business and NGOs to enable them to secure their data, network and systems as well as educate the employees.

Executive Director, US ICT Council for Myanmar, Max Shu Teasdale said “….It’s the challenge that we are partnering with cyber readiness institute in US. It will start next week. There are twice a month for webinar schedule October 17th as well as October 31st. Cyber talk will be on October 31st. We are also providing and supporting a cyber security panel that is for e-government that is organized by MCR. So we have many many activites that are coming up and then we will do the closing ceremony on November 1st….”

The campaign wil include the webinars, seminars, training workshops, panel discussions, live streaming about cybersecurity and so on.

Deputy Director, Cyber Security Department of MOTC, Yan Naung Soe said “The government will participate in this campaign by selecting cyber awareness topics that are most relevant and useful topics to the public. Our educating seminar intents to the general public, CAI sectors and SME sectors.”

MCM coincides with similar national cybersecurity awareness campaings around the world that take place during the month of October. This year, Myanmar is conducting one month campaign similar to other several countries organizing activities for cybersecuriy.

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