Dairy Milk in Various Variants

20 June 2023
2023-06-20 16:36

The city of Padang Panjang in West Sumatra in Indonesia is famous for its dairy products, which have penetrated markets in other regions in the province.

One of the product facilities is situated in the Gantiang Village of East Padang Panjang sub-district. The village has started milk production since 1981, and become one of most popular dairy products in the area until now. In the beginning, the business was just a cattle farm with limited pure milk production.

But in 2017, the farm began processing dairy milk with several variants, as well as mozzarella cheese, candy, ice cream, and yogurt. The dairy milk is now also marketed not only in Padang Panjang, but also to other towns and areas in West Sumatra, with affordable prices, depending on the types.

By now, the cattle farm has also become a place for educational tourism for students, and other visitors interested to know about livestock and dairy products. The business has also contributed to the economic welfare of the surrounding community.

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