Destructive Act: Group Destroyed MRTV Relay Station In Paletwa

11 June 2020
2020-06-11 11:19

AA Group destroyed MRTV Relay Station about 300 meters west of Paletwa in Chin State on 7th May. The security forces and staff on the 5th of June went to HmanPya Hill where the station is situated to inspect the damages.

It was found out that the roof, wall and ceiling of the relay station building were damaged and the roof of the building for generator was also damaged. Moreover, four transmission equipment including two 500 watt TV Transmitters were burnt and two generators and office furnitures were damaged.

The transmission tower was also collapsed and the Satellite Receiver (TVRO) was also damaged.

Built with the fund for development of border area and national races, Paletwa Relay Station was opened in March 1998 and it was handed over to Myanma Radio and Television. 

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