Development of MSMEs: PM Meets MSME Entrepreneurs in Meiktila District

29 September 2022
2022-09-29 10:24

Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung together with the Joint Secretary of the Council Lt-Gen Ye Win Oo, Union Ministers, senior military officers and officials met micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) entrepreneurs from Meiktila district in Meiktila Industrial Zone in Mandalay Region on Wednesday.
At the meeting, officials reported on the resources of the industrial, possibilities of local and foreign investments, efforts for the development of the industrial zone, requirements to approve industrial zone regulations, electricity demand, implementations for bamboo industry, markets for bamboo growers, quality bamboo strains, measures for extension of edible oil crop cultivation, selling of edible oil to people with reasonable prices, weaving industries and the needs in the industrial zone.
In response to the reports, Union Ministers U Tin HtutOo, U Hla Moe, Dr Charlie Than and Mandalay Region Chief Minister U MaungKo discussed quality cotton strains and seeds, measures for the sale of fertilizers with fair prices, endeavouring for edible oil production by the State, disbursing loans for edible oil entrepreneurs, selling of inputs with reasonable prices that are necessary for the agricultural tasks of rural farmers, capitals for livestock breeding, efforts for getting incomes of rural people and development of rural areas, measures for drafting and approving the industrial zone law and technical assistance for industrial waste materials.
In regards with the reports of entrepreneurs, the Prime Minister discussed that currently, the micro, Small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are found playing a key role in the State’s economy as well as in internationally.
The State Administration Council could not carry out effectively the economic progress at the time of assuming the State responsibilities due to the political conflicts and the COVID-19 outbreak.At present, it has returned to a normal and the covid-19 has been controlled to a certain extent.
So far, efforts are being made for the economic development of the state.He said that it has planned to carry out MSMEs for the development of the state’s economy and the capitals were handed over for agricultural tasks from the State Economic Promotion Fund. It is underway to hand over capitals from the remaining funds for the MSMEs as well as to provide fund for cotton growers.
The Prime Minister stressed the needs on extended cultivation of cottons, manufacturing of textiles in local, quality cotton strains and inputs and reclamation of lands for sown acreages, producing natural fertilizers and bio fertilizers by using waste materials from livestock and effective use of water for agriculture tasks.
The Prime Minister added that there are over 36,000 acres of cotton in Mandalay region and it needs to strive for increasing cotton yield in Meiktila district to develop cotton-related industries, high per acre yield of other edible crops, striving for livestock breeding in the district to get raw materials for small and medium enterprises and producing value-added products, generating electricity by using solar power and quality cottons for weaving industries.
He called for the development of MSME businesses that will contribute a lot to the country's economy and regional development. The industrial zone work should not be carried out only for a region, but should be aimed at the national economy based on manufacturing. He said that if all-round efforts are made for an industrial zone based on manufacturing, it will be beneficial.
After the meeting, the Prime Minister cordially greeted MSME entrepreneurs and viewed around the display of cotton products, edible oil materials and other products by industrial zone. After that, the Prime Minister and party viewed around the industrial zone and so also TheinKabarKyaw chick pea grinding machine and industrial task.

-- End --