Establishing Green Environment: MoL UM joined the monson season tree planting

21 June 2024
2024-06-21 10:27

The Ministry of Labour 2024 Monsoon Season Tree Planting ceremony was held at the vacant plot in the west of the office compound related to the Ministry in the morning on 20th June and the Union Minister U Myint Naung gave a remark.

In his remark, the Union Minister said it’s learnt that during the current monsoon season, 22.332 million saplings will be planted in the entire country including state-owned tree plantations. And the head of State instructed that tree-planting and conservation activities such as continuous establishment of shade tree and windbreakers plantations in the environs of rural and urban areas acres wise, forest and tree protection, establishment of mangrove forests will be carried out with greater momentum.shade-providing windbreak trees will be planted along roadsides.

In line with the motto “To mitigate global warming, conserving forests is a solution,” the importance of forests in reducing climate change is emphasized. The public is urged to understand the significance of establishing forest plantations, conserving remaining natural forests, and expanding the use of alternative fuels to firewood as a national duty.

Next, the Union Minister, Deputy Minister  and heads of departments planted the saplings at the designated places and the Union Minister and party encouraged the planting of trees by the personnel. During this monsoon season tree planting ceremony, 867 saplings of teakwood, 879 of white teak or Yamane, 1030 saplings of Manjansha were planted, it’s learnt.

-- End --