FDA Talks: Good Pharmacy Practices & Registered Drugs

9 August 2019
2019-08-09 09:59

Myanmar Pharmaceutical & Medical Equipment Entrepreneurs’ Association organized the 17th Annual Plenary Meeting in conjunction with FDA talks in Yangon, Thursday.

Officials from Myanmar Pharmaceutical & Medical Equipment Entrepreneurs’ Association, FDA, medical officers and members of the Association gathered at the talks.

The talks focused on rules and regulations of Myanmar’s pharmaceutical and medical products, promoting good code of conduct for the pharmaceutical and medical products industry and distributing good quality products in the nation.

Chairman, MPMEEA, Zaw Moe Khine said “ If we focus on the quality, the business operation will expand. That’s why, I’d like to suggest to the people to check the drug sellers in line with good pharmacy practices and to buy the registered drugs.”

There are about 2,400 imported registered drugs and about 311 local registered products in Myanmar, according to the FDA.

Meanwhile, FDA pointed out the guidelines, patterns and good pharmacy practices such as pre market assessment, post market assessment and risk assessment for the drug sellers at the talks.

Vice Chair, MPMEEA, Dr. Thin Nwe Win said “We have been adding the special program like this kind of talks regularly in the meetings for the members. We really want to share knowledge to the members that how we operate the business and organize the activities.”

The Association holds this kind of meeting and talks annually and new members are also selected again every two year. 

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