Field Of Music: Festival And Competition 2019 By Myanmar Musician League

7 July 2019
2019-07-07 13:45

The final day of the festival and competition 2019 by Myanmar Musician League took place at Yangon Gallery on Saturday.

This 3rd Edition aims to enrich the musical scene in Yangon and to motivate aspiring young musicians in Myanmar. Also, it is a platform for cultural exchanges and cooperation - it bridges friendships through music.

Director, Ying-HuaHuang said “…I am almost 4 years in Yangon, I arranged lots of concerts. I will be performing some classical music, piano in hands and also with two pianos, and also cooperate with Myanmar musicians so we will play piano- western musicians, three-western musicians perform with other three Myanmar traditional musicians….”

It provides opportunities for Myanmar young talented students to showcase and present their hard works during the year, to work with international musicians and to broaden their horizons. The three winners from Myanmar performed their winning pieces at the final closing concert.

1st Prize Winner, Saw Tun Aung Khant said “….I don’t take it as a competition, whatever I perform, if I am good in better than previous performance so I won the first prize. My future plan would be going abroad when I come back to my country and I will be helping next generation to be getting better in playing piano.”

The outstanding students dream about to go abroad to have further studies. And also they will be provided for all the master classes and workshops with full scholarships.

3rd Prize Winner, Young Min Kim said “….I am playing piano for about 8 years. Piano is very hard to play because you need to know how to play both hands and it is very complicated. This is my second time for this concert so it is interesting, because in Myanmar, there is not much competition and concert so it is very unique and very interesting and I would like to participate.I got the third place and I am happy about it. I want to join next year for better prize…”

For this year’s festival and competition, Myanmar Musician League cooperated with the Myanmar local choir, the Univoice and the YUFL music club. 


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