Film Development: Finalists Of MSF To Be Announced On Nov.23

18 November 2020
2020-11-18 15:08

MEMORY! Cinema will maintain the Myanmar Script Fund (MSF) although it will not be able to gather people and screen films this year due to the health crisis.

It is also learnt that the MEMORY International Film Festival plans to return in 2021.

Aimed at training and showcasing the country's next generation of filmmakers, MSF will take place exclusively online, with coaching and project presentation sessions with international film industry professionals.

MSF 2020 will include 2 different sections; MSF Original for new projects and MSF Advanced for MSF Alumni. Both sections are selective through an online application, which started several weeks ago.

The finalists of each section will be announced on November 23.

Myanmar Script Fund is operated by MEMORY Cinema. MSF acts as a talent scouting for independent cinema in Myanmar. Since 2016, more than 70 talents have been trained, representing about 30 feature film projects.

Beyond the competition, all finalists are then eligible for a customized follow-up, notably for future applications to international platforms that are crucial for the development of a film project.

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