Flights Set For Stranded Hainan Tourists to Go Home

16 August 2022
2022-08-16 16:45

Flights from major airports in Hainan are returning to normal as the epidemic-stricken island and destination cities take effective measures to help stranded tourists return home as soon as possible.
Passengers need to meet the relevant conditions before they can buy tickets. After applying for "Leaving Hainan Code" and checking, they can board the plane and leave the island.
After returning, passengers must also follow the epidemic prevention and control policies of the return destination, cooperate with local prevention and control measures, and do a good job in their own health checks.
As of 4 p.m. on Monday, Meilan Airport has carried out 52 flights, transporting 7,316 passengers, an increase of 2,764 over Sunday.

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