Illegal Entry: National-Level Central Committee Issues Announcement

11 June 2020
2020-06-11 09:43

The National-Level Central Committee for Prevention, Control and Treatment of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID – 19) announced on Wednesday that the Myanmar nationals who want to return home land are being accepted systematically at the international airports, ports and entry/exit gates by opening officially acceptance camps and the prevention, control and treatment measures are being undertaken.

Although the National-Level Central Committee also informed Myanmar citizens who want to come back from foreign countries to enter only from the official border checkpoints and to receive the medical tests, there are those who are returning from the border gates there are no acceptance camps.

So, it occurs the hindrances in carrying out the COVID-19 prevent, control and treatment measures and so also the spread of COVID-19 disease.

So far, actions will be taken against everyone who enters Myanmar from the illegal entry/exit gates from abroad and those who accept the illegal entry in line with the existing laws. 

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