Inspection Tour: MHNRC inspects Detention and Care Facilities in Keng Tung

18 May 2024
2024-05-18 16:20

From May 14th to 18th, the Myanmar National Human Rights Commission (MNHRC) conducted an inspection tour in Keng Tung, visiting several key facilities including the Keng Tung Home for the Aged, Keng Tung Prison, Keng Tung Police Lock-up, Tachileik Jail, Monghsat Prison, and Tachileik Home for the Aged.

The inspection aimed to assess whether fundamental rights of prisoners and detainees were upheld, focusing on aspects such as food supply, healthcare access, and provision of adequate purified water.

In accordance with MNHRC law and procedures, the team conducted thorough inspections and inquiries to ensure the well-being of the prisoners. They assessed whether inmates received personal items and family-sent packages, enjoyed regular family visits, and had the freedom to practice their religion.

The team also investigated reports of human rights violations and torture, offering private interviews for prisoners who wished to speak confidentially. The inspection included detailed examinations of dormitories, clinics, libraries, kitchens, food storage areas, water purification systems, and sanitation facilities.

The team also donated books for prisoners. Following the inspection, the MNHRC will provide recommendations to relevant departments to address any issues or concerns identified during their visit.

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