Inspection tour: MoL Union Minister takes inspection tour in Mandalay

4 October 2022
2022-10-04 20:34

The Union Minister for labour Dr. Pwint Hsan together with Mandalay Region Government Minister for Social Affairs U Yin Htwe, director general, deputy director general and officials inspected the Skill Training Centre in PyiGyiDaGun Township, Mandalay Region in the afternoon on Tuesday.

First, the union minister inspected the arrangements of training room and teaching aid materials for the training courses to be opened in 2022-2023 fiscal year, preparations of assessment tools at the assessment Center to be used in skill assessment process, giving pre-departure training course for Myanmar migrant workers, preparations for prevention of fire hazard and the precincts of the training center.

Upon the clarification of the training center in-charge on the programs of courses to be opened and plans to assess, the union minister gave necessary instructions. Next, the union minister and officials met with the chairman and members of Arbitration Body of Mandalay Region and discussed the matters.

Upon the clarification of the requirements by the members of arbitration body, the union minister fulfilled the necessaries. Afterward, the union minister met with the acting medical superintendant and medical staff at the workers’ hospital (Mandalay) and gave necessary instructions including requirement to be a social security plan trusted by the employer and insured workers, extension of healthcare service for the insured workers and to give quality healthcare, cooperation in the COVID-19 prevention, control and treatment including giving COVID-19 vaccine to the insured workers etc.

Next, the union minister cordially greeted the outside patients who show up at the outside patients department and inspected giving medical treatment, in-patient wards, the hospital wards where the COVID-19 patients under survalence  and COVID-19 OPD, it’s reported.


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