Inspection Tour: Union Minister makes inspections in Bago and Magway regions

19 May 2024
2024-05-19 11:16

Union Minister for Industry Dr. Charlie Than made inspections in Bago and Magway Regions. On the 17th of May, the Union Minister inspected the Paper Mill (Yeni) in Yeni Township.

During the inspection, the Union Minister urged concerned officials to speed up the process of pilot production of pulp from straw, to repair the machine parts needed to produce paper with a small machine as soon as possible, to inspect and repair the machines in compliance with established standards, to carry out market research activities in advance, to collect raw materials, machine spare parts and inputs for the continuous operation of the factory and to conduct training.

On the 18th of May, the Union Minister visited the Magway Region Industrial Supervision and Inspection Department and called for efforts to properly compile and present information to lay down proper policies regarding the manufacturing activities of MSMEs and to assist the development of MSMEs in the region. The Union Minister also the officials and staff to review the strengths and immediately correct the weaknesses in their works.

The Union Minister continued his inspection trip to the No. 4 Textile Factory (Pwintbyu), heard report on matters including tasks during the fiscal year of 2023-2024 and plans for this fiscal year.

In his response, the Union Minister called on concerned officials to manage the increase of manufacturing activities, to carry out market research activities continuously, to repair the damaged machines as soon as possible so that the factory can operate at full capacity and to plan and carry out human resource development processes.

And, the Union Minister inspected cotton production processes and gave necessary instructions.

On the same day, the Union Minister held a meeting with Magway Region Chief Minister U Tint Lwin at regional Government office for acceleration of cultivation of oil crops and dairy products acceleration and for the development of the MSME sector. 

The Union Minister also inspected the No. 5 Industrial Training School in Magway Township and held a meeting with instructors.

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