Investments In Ayeyawady: Over 35,000 Employments Created From 80 Investments

22 September 2022
2022-09-22 14:09

In Ayeyawady Region, a total of over 80 investments have been approved and it is the largest number of investments in industrial sector.

There are 34 foreign investors and 55 national investors approved by Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) and Ayeyawaddy Investment Commission (AIC). The investment amountsare over 2.6 billion USDand more than 737,413 million kyats. A total of 35,544 job opportunities were created.

ThetPaing, Director, DICA (Ayeyawady Region) said “From April to September of2022 budget year, AIC has issued a permit for pig farming for Myanmar national investors and vermicelli factory for foreign investment joint venture with HongKong. The investment amount in pig farming is 5,000 million kyats and it can create about 115 employments. The investment of vermicelli factory is 4.2 million USD and it can create 197 job opportunities. All the products of vermicelli factory will be exported to foreign market. Currently, national investors ask permission for logistics and rice millings from usand we will continue to discuss this process.”

As the main business of Ayeywady Region is agricultural tasks, the region needs to make more investments in fertilizer and agricultural product factories. Only then, it will support the agricultural in puts to farmers at low cost, the Director of DICA of Ayeyawady Region said.

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