IT Contest 2019: Very First Myanmar It Contest For Technological Students

4 August 2019
2019-08-04 14:18

For the technological students, the very first Myanmar IT Contest 2019 took place in Yangon on Sunday.

It was jointly organized by Willtec Myanmar Co., Ltd. and University of Information Technology. The main objectives were to promote the IT industry in Myanmar and to give STEAM education to the students standing for Science, Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics.

Rector, University of Information Technology, Dr. Saw Sandar Aye said “To enter this contest, students had to draw program under line followers, obstacle avoidances and the image processing with their relevant m-bot sent by Willtec Myanmar 2 weeks in advance. We already sent the questions to the students as well. So, we’d look how they can solve the problems today.”

During the contest, each team demonstrated their skills and knowledge related to robotic technologies. The participants had to compete under the Scratch program including line followers, obstacle avoidance, and pattern recognition with relevant m-bot.

Organizer, Willtec Myanmar Co., Ltd., Nyan Linn Htet said “Through this contest, we want to show the capacities and abilities of Myanmar IT engineers to the world. We have plans to create more special IT contests in the coming years.”

Students from technological field got a chance to show their skills to the whole world and they will improve their logical thinking skill.

Participant, Yadanabon Cyber City said “We got logical thinking skills in this contest because this problem is very complex. We’d never solved it before. And also we had to draw the program based on the block.”

There were altogether 18 teams participating in the contest from 13 technological universities and 2 private universities. The participants were especially the students who are currently studying in the field of engineering and robotic technologies.

1st prize, 2nd prize and Willtec Special Prize were awarded within the categories - problem solving skill and performance of m-Bot kit.

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