Kurash +87 kg Event: Myanmar Wins First Gold in SEA Games

12 May 2022
2022-05-12 10:11

Myanmar is competing in 20 sports at the 31st Southeast Asian Games that are being held from 12th to 23rd May in Viet Nam and the Kurash +87 kilogramme semi-final and finals were held at Gymnasium in Hanoi, Viet Nam on Wednesday.

Union Minister for Sports and Youth Affairs and Chairman of the Myanmar Olympic Commit­tee U Min TheinZan, Director-Gen­eral of Sports and Physical Educa­tion Department U TunMyintOo and the Myanmar Sports Team observed the Kurash event. Myanmar athlete Aye AyeAung won the gold medal for Myanmar in the Kurash +87kg event.

In the semi-finals, She defeated her rival Thai athlete. She advanced to the final after defeating the Vietnamese athlete in the semi-finals. After that, she continued to compete with the Filipino athlete in the fi­nal. She defeated the Filipino athlete and won the first gold medal for Myanmar.

The Philippines won the silver medal and host Viet Nam won the bronze medal after the event. Kurash athlete Aye Aye Aung won a gold medal in judo in the 24th South­east Asian Games in Thailand in 2007.

She has won one gold med­al in the 26th Southeast Asian Games in Indonesia in 2011 and another gold medal in the 27th Southeast Asian Games hosted by Myanmar in 2013, and thus she has earned three gold med­als in total in Judo.

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