Mobile Barbershop: Business Opportunity In The Time Of New Normal

25 June 2020
2020-06-25 14:28

A mobile barbershop in Myanmar is attempting to trim coronavirus fears by going door-to-door, offering customers haircuts at their doorsteps.

The idea for the truck came out of desperation for a trim during the ongoing virus restrictions in the country, which have been extended until June 30.

The truck was launched about a month ago and is now averaging 10 to 15 customers per day, although some days there are only a couple of customers.

Staff disinfect the truck in between customers and say they use equipment such as masks, gloves and face shields only once.

STAFF, BARBER TRUCK, PHYO KYAW said “People are afraid of going outside. We also really wanted to get a haircut, and got so stressed at that time as the barbershops were closed down. We sympathised that other people would be feeling the same as us. The idea for the mobile barber truck came about during our stressful mood. So, we launched our idea and set out on a mission to give people a door-to-door barber service across Yangon.”

Some barbershops and salons remain open, but not all. So a group of entrepreneurs hired a barber to work in the mobile truck and it hit the road.

The customers also welcomed the idea, and expressed their satisfaction with the service.

KYAW ZIN HTUT said “People are afraid of going outside during this time (of virus outbreak). Even though this cannot ensure it's completely safe from infection, I am so happy for their home delivery service during this time.”

Since they have gained the trust from the customers, the mobile barbershop is an opportunity for a new normal, for businesses to grow amid COVID-19.

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