Mobile Grocery Market: Good Business In Thaegon Township

8 July 2020
2020-07-08 15:56

During COVID-19 period, the vendors who are selling groceries by motor bikes are in good business in Thaegon Township, Pyay District of Bago Region. 

With the aim to avoid from mass gathering for buyers and sellers, the temporary markets have been opened in Thaegon township and the vendors give home service for grocery selling in the township for the convenience of consumers.

Mobile vendor, Thaegon Township, Aye San said “I have sold groceries by mobile motor bike for a long time. During COVID-19 period, I sell the goods through home service by motor bike for keeping mass gathering and convenience of the consumers. I visit around wards and villages in the township for selling groceries.”

According to the mobile vendors, they sell groceries and goods for 40,000 kyats to 80,000 kyats per day and they get incomes about 3,000 or 4, 000 kyats per day.

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