MSME Development: PM met with the officials of Industrial Zones in Yangon

6 February 2023
2023-02-06 10:03

Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing met with the Chairmen and members of the Industrial Zones, and MSME businessmen in Yangon Region at Kanaung Hall of Hlaingthaya Industrial Zone on Sunday.

The Chairman of Hlaingthaya Industrial Zone, members and entrepreneurs from the respective industrial zones reported on operation of the industrial works, production process, the needs of electricity, import of industrial raw materials and mechanical spare parts and purchase of quality products from local industrial zones, as well as the need to take action for illegal residing in the industrial zones, transportation arrangement for the factory staff, appointment of health staff in the townships that situate the industrial zones, increase measures for rule of law and providing assistance for quality promotion of garment industry.

The Chief Minister also reported on the coordinated measures for development of industrial zones, promoting state economy and the submissions by the attendees. The Union Ministers also explained the work implementation by the respective ministries, speedy response to the reports of the entrepreneurs for economic development of the nation and technical assistance for industrial works. The Prime Minister said that the government is encouraging for MSME industry for economic development of the country.

He discussed for production of long staple cotton, boosting production of paddy and oil bearing crops, implementation of hydropower, solar power and wind power energy, using electric vehicles in public transport to reduce fuel use, using rail transport for commodity flow, reducing the use of plastic, production of rubber tyres, pulps, the import substitute products using agriculture, livestock, forestry and natural resources.

The Prime Minister and party later visited Ever Rich International Production Factory and Htoo Thit Pellet Factory in Hlaingthaya Industrial Zone and heard reports on the work processes. The Prime Minister gave instructions and inspected the products of the factories and operation process.

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