Myanmar Gem Emporium: Items Are Sold Under Open Tender System

18 September 2019
2019-09-18 11:54

The 2nd day of 2019 Mid-year Myanmar Gem emporium was held at Mani Yadana Jade Hall in Nay Pyi Taw, Tuesday.

Local and foreign gems merchants observed raw jade, finished jade products, raw gem stones and polished gem stones under open tender system. Jewelries shops as well as sculptures and gemstone art selling shops are displayed at the event.

At the event, all items will be sold under open tender system. The gem lots will be on display form 16th to 18th September and will be sold until the 19th. The lots are valued at 500 Euro and above. Jade lots will be on display from 16th to 19th September and will be sold form 20th to 25th.

The basic price for raw jade lots is 5000 euro, and for cut and polished jade lots is 1000 Euro and above. Midyear Myanmar Gem emporium includes nine jade lots prices at over 1 million Euro.

Visitors can enter with radio- frequency identification technology (REID) used cards along with their fingerprint checked at shutter gates. Bags were also checked with X-ray Machine Detector.

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