MYANMARSAT-2: Myanmar-Owned Satellite Launched On August 7

7 August 2019
2019-08-07 09:54

Myanmar owned satellite MyanmarSat-2 was successfully launched at 2:00 am Myanmar Standard Time on Wednesday.

Information Technology and Cyber Security Department under the Ministry of Transport and Communications and Intelsat Global Sales and Marketing Limited signed the agreement on implementation of MyanmarSat-2 project with joint ownership system on 1st June 2018. Maxar Technologies built MyanmarSat-2 as its 52nd satellite by spending 155.7 million US dollars.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry said MyanmarSat-2 will play an important role in nation building initiatives while strengthening Myanmar 's telecommunications infrastructures.

Through MyanmarSat-2, mobile internet and other communication services can provide better facilities to the users. The service of MyanmarSat-2 can be able to use starting October this year.

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Soe Thein said “We are here to watch the live broadcast of launching MyanmarSat-2. It's really exciting. We can have the services from MyanmarSat-2 starting coming October, and it will provide better communication services in the remote and fur-flung areas.”

The Permanent Secretary also added that plans are underway to facilitate a broad range of e-government services, including healthcare and education with the use of MyanmarSat-2.

Managing Sales Director, Intelsat (Asia-Pacific), Rajeev Kapoor said "We are just gonna to make sure that Myanmar gets the best possible footprint of any satellite.  This is the strongest satellite which is going to be there over Myanmar for a long long time. This will enhance connectivity, rural connectivity, distance education, enhance learning, supporting hospitals for the general healthcare, a lot of other benefits, they can get out here. We believe it is very very benefit for the people of Myanmar."

Myanmar Government has been working together with Intelsat for about 35 years, and this partnership could step forward to the next level.

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