NASA unveils prototypes of moon spacesuit for Artemis mission

19 May 2024
2024-05-19 19:26

NASA unveils prototypes of the spacesuit that will be worn by American astronauts on the Artemis mission planned to bring the US back on the moon in September 2026, more than 50 years after the last Apollo lunar mission.

Richard Rhodes, lead for advanced spacesuit team at NASA said "If you watch a lot of the Apollo videos, you'll see them kind of having a hard time picking stuff up off the ground, not have a lot of mobility. So a lot of the focus of more recent development has been on making a more mobile, higher-performing spacesuit."

According to the lead for advanced spacesuit team at NASA, a lot of focus has been placed on making mobility improvements, and the actual version of the suit is heavier than the Apollo suits. 

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