National Registration Cards: Program Conducted In Mong Hsat For Voters To Get Identity Cards

16 June 2020
2020-06-16 15:46

The national registration cards (NRCs) are being made for those who do not have NRCs, including in the voter lists for the 2020 General Election in Mong Hsat Township of the eastern Shan State on 15th June.

The program is being conducted in Saik Khaung and Kaung Muetan villages in the township.

Assistant Director, District Election Commission (Mong Hsat), Maung Cho said “The 2020 General Election is drawing near.  With the instruction of the Union Election Commission, collecting of voter lists are being conducted for the eligible voters who are at the age of 18 years on 31st December 2020. According to the voter lists of Mong Hsat District in the eastern Shan State, there are over 35,000 people who do not have national registration cards.”

With the cooperation of the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population and the Union Election Commission and, NRC cards are being made in Mong Hsat district starting 10th June.

Staff Officer, Township Immigration & Population Office (Mong Hsat), Nan Khin Hla Nyunt said “In cooperation with the Union Election Commission, we are now making field trip to the villages for making NRCs to every eligible voter to be able to cast votes in 2020 General Election. In doing so, we will conduct the program in 10 village-tracts in the township from 10th to 17th June.”

There are 4,323 voters who are 18 years old but do not have NRCs in the 10-village tracts of Mong Hsat Township. As of 15th June, the NRC cards have already been made to the people in 6 village-tracts, according to the Information and Public Relations Department.

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