Olympics countdown gathers pace with 100 days until Paris 2024

18 April 2024
2024-04-18 16:12

April 17th marked 100 days until the 2024 Olympics get under way with the planned opening ceremony on the River Seine in the middle of the French capital.
The Olympic torch was lit in ancient Olympia earlier in the same day, and it will reach France on May 8 in the port city of Marseille, after a journey on the three-masted Belem ship.
The French capital is due to see a wildly ambitious waterborne celebration on the Seine River on July 26 to officially open the Games .All permanent infrastructures for the Games are now ready, and the building of temporary sites has started in Paris.
By promising socially positive and also less polluting and less wasteful Olympics, the city synonymous with romance is also setting itself the high bar of making future Games generally more desirable.

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