Online Dance Contest: Myanmar Wins 2nd Prize At Global Dance UCC Contest

20 August 2020
2020-08-20 16:11

Myanmar won the second prize at the Global Dance UCC contest that was held in the Republic of Korea.

Azalea Stars dance group representing Myanmar grabbed the second prize in the contest. IYF Myanmar and International Youth Fellowship honoured the winning dance group through live streaming on Wednesday.

Over 100 countries took part in the Global Dance UCC Contest that was held in Korea on July 23rd and the contest was arranged through online.

The contestants challenged with dance performance videos with storyline during COVID 19 period. The Chairman of Myanmar International Youth Fellowship said that they linked with Righteous Star Dance Group of International Youth Fellowship Korea and the Azalea Star Dance Group practiced the dance technique through online for the contest.

Chairman, Myanmar International Youth Fellowship, Than Htike Aung said “Azalea Star dance group have many experiences of dance challenges and they conduct training two hours every day. I appreciate for winning Second Prize, representing Myanmar and dancing can share happiness to the audience.”

One of the contestants said that they got the information about the Global Dance UCC Contest from International Youth Fellowship Korea and they have many challenges to participate in the contest because they can only train from zoom application during COVID 19 period.

Member, Azalea Star Dance Group, Park Ju Yeong said “I wrote story idea by discussing with my group members. We planned to show the culture and tradition of Myanmar with the guideline of our teacher. Thingyan festival was canceled in this year because of COVID 19 outbreak and we created the story idea how to make Myanmar Thingyan festival during COVID-19.”

Member, Azalea Star Dance Group, Phoe Nan Da said “There are about 100 members in our dance group across the country and they all can learn from online training. I am very happy for winning the second prize and I can’t believe it because I saw there were many dance experts from other countries when I went to Korea for learning the dance.”

The second prize winning video of Azalea Star dance group depicted Myanmar traditional Thingyan Festival during COVID-19 and which also highlighted the traditional culture and custom of Myanmar rural life.

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