Oregon explores the therapeutic powers of magic mushrooms

19 May 2023
2023-05-19 11:20

Magic mushrooms, long associated with the antics of the American counterculture, is now being explored in Oregon for its potentially therapeutic benefits. Their active ingredient, psilocybin seems promising for treating severe depression, certain addictions or post-traumatic stress.

Tobias Shea, jiu-jitsu trainer and Army Veteran said "Instead of using it recreationally, figuring out that there was really some huge mental health benefits to using it therapeutically. And explored that for a couple years and found some pretty significant changes in my life. Kind of worked through my depression that way.

Definitely helped me work through my social anxiety. And kind of brought me back to a place of feeling centered and myself." A pioneer in the country, Oregon is defying the federal ban still in effect in the United States. People over 21 years old can now access "magic" mushrooms without a medical prescription, but must ingest them under the supervision of a certified supervisor.

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