Paddy Production: Farmers Harvest Summer Paddy And Fetched Good Price

11 June 2020
2020-06-11 15:22

Since it's time for harvesting summer paddy, farmers across Myanmar have earned good incomes.

Farmers have been growing double cropping of summer and monsoon paddy since 1992, and it helps significant increase in rice production of the country.

The statistics show that paddy harvested area increased by 68% and led to a subsequent rise in production of 32 million metric tons from 1990 and 2010.

Monsoon paddy is mainly cultivated during May to August and harvested during November to December, whereas the summer paddy is cultivated during November to January and harvested in March to May.

This year, a 100-basket of summer paddy fetched 560,000 kyats. In PaukKhaung Township of Bago Region, farmers said they have increased yields of summer paddy this year.

Farmer, HteinTaw Village, Kyi Soe said “I have grown Yadana Tun species of summer paddy on 3 acres land. It's time to harvest my produces. I have already sold out my harvested paddy. We have more yields for summer paddy compared to monsoon paddy.”

Since the merchants and brokers came down to the fields to buy summer paddy, farmers can save transportation cost. According to Township Agriculture Department, a total of 1,013 acres of summer paddy have been cultivated in PaukKhaung Township.

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