Part of Union Road opened: Union road to Kyaukme can be assessed normall

20 November 2023
2023-11-20 20:38

The insurgent terrorists so-called TNLA and PDF are committing terror acts in various ways including destroying departmental buildings, roads and bridges by planting mine. Moreover, the public transportation roads which are non-military targets are being destroyed by digging cross trenches and blocked with the lump of soil to spoil regional flow of goods.

Among such terror acts, the insurgent terrorists so-called TNLA and PDF blocked the road by digging cross trenches and in some places, obstructing by falling the big trees and made clog of soil lump at 12 places along Pyin Oo Lwin-Naungcho-Kyaukme-Lashio Union Road in Naungcho Township. Such actions of bad intention cause the troubles for the public in the emergency health problems and some experienced the losses.

Those places destroyed by the armed insurgent terrorists were cleaned and the blocks were removed by the security members step by step and since the nightfall  on 19th November, the road up to Kyaukme can be used by the public normally. The remained places are under maintenance to be used normally. The operation of a military assault on the terrorists by collaborating with local residents is underway. 

-- End --